Sunday, 30 October 2011

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External Features Of Animals
Some animals have webbed feet:
~ Frog   ~ Duck   ~ Goose

Some animals do not have legs:
~ Snail  ~ Clam  ~ Cat fish
Some  animals have two legs:
~ Monkey  ~ Eagle  ~ Ostrich

Some animals have four legs
~ Horse  ~ Tiger  ~ Elephant
Some animals have six legs
~ Fly  ~ Bee  ~ Grasshopper
Some animals have eight legs
~ Spider ~ Crab
Some animals have many legs
~ Millipede  ~ Centipede  ~ Prawn

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Identify External Features Of An Animals

Some Animals have a tail
~ Snake
~ Fox
~ Goldfish

Some Animals have a claws
~ Eagle
~ Tiger
~ Dog

Some Animals have a wings
~ Eagle
~ Duck
~ Woodpecker

Some Animals have a beak
~ Flamingo
~ Chicken
~ Bird

Some Animals have a horns
~ Cow
~ Deer
~ Rhinoceros

Some Animals have webbed feet
~ Frog
~ Duck
~ Goose

Some Animals have webbed feet
~ Frog
~ Duck
~ Goose

Some Animals have fur on their bodies
~ Lion
~ Goat
~ Sheep

Some Animals have scales all over on their bodies
~ Fish
~ Lizard
~ Snake

Some Animals have feathers on their bodies
~ Turkey
~ Penguin
~ Parrot

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Year 3 Science - Animals

The External Features of Different Types of Animals In The World

Our world has many animals.
An animals has many different parts that make up its body.

Cat has fur, a tail and four legs.

Goat has fur, four legs, and a pair of horns.

Chicken has feather, a pair of legs with sharp claws, and a beak.

Bee has a pair of wings, and six legs.

Elephant has two big ears, a pair of tusks, and four legs.

Deer has a pair of antlers, fur, and four legs.

Tourtoise has four legs, and a hard shell.

Cow has fur, four legs, and two horns.

Fish has fin, scale and a tail.

Snail has a pair tentacles, a shell, with no legs.